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High Holiday Auction

  • Dear Friend,  

    There is an established tradition through the generations that being called to the Torah - especially on the holiest day on the Jewish calendar - is a great source of merit and blessing, as the individuals thus called upon stand before the Almighty as representatives of the entire congregation.

    In past years, these honors were auctioned off at Chabad with all the proceeds going to help cover the cost of hosting Services for High Holiday & year round - open to every single Jew...  

    This year, rather than going through the process of an auction, we would like to "pre-reserve" all of the honors and we are hoping that you  may be from the generous ones who are interested in making a donation and securing one of these special Kibbudim... 

    Please just email us your selection/preference by responding to this email...

     May you and your loved ones be blessed, both material and spiritual matters - yielding abundant blessings for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

    Rabbi Aron Begun

     PS - You may purchase an Aliya and honor someone other than yourself with it... Makes for a nice and meaningful New Years gift...

    Yom Kippur - Kol Nidrai :


    Psicha – Opening of Ark & Hold Torah #1

    $5,400 SOLD!

    Hold the 2nd Torah During Kol Nidrai

    $3,600 SOLD!

    Hold the 3rd Torah During Kol Nidrai


    Yom Kippur Torah Reading Shacharit:


    Psicha – Opening of Ark

    $540 SOLD!

    Kohen Aliyah – Purchased by or for a Kohen


    Levi Aliyah – Purchased by or for a Levi


    3rd Aliyah – Israelite


    4th Aliyah – Israelite


    5th Aliyah – Israelite


    6th Aliyah – Israelite


    7th Aliyah – Israelite




    Hagba I – Lifting the Torah


    Gelilah I – Wrapping Torah – Under 13 as well


    Hagba II – Lifting the Torah


    Gelilah II – Wrapping Torah – Under 13 as well


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